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Welcome to Digital Cities

Watch this short video to learn all about Digital Cities – a global movement helping governments put their cities on the digital map.

With a Digital City domain, the opportunities are endless.

Facilitate innovation

Build communities and businesses

Increase tourism

Attract investment

Access advanced consumer data

Increase revenue

Be a digital leader

Own simple, effective branding

“It’s something all governments need to do, you have to think about your digital space the same way you think about physical space in the city. You can… never develop that digital real estate, or you could start building things.”

– Jeff Merritt former Director of Innovation, NYC Mayor’s Office of Technology & Innovation

First wave: How 70 cities secured a Digital City

In 2012, a program operated by the global internet regulator gave cities the opportunity to apply for their own Top-Level Domains for the first time. Learn more about how they did it and what it means for your city. 

Next opportunity: How to get your own Digital City

The next round of applications is expected to open shortly. It’s important for all city governments to undrestand the preparation required. Learn more about taking the next steps to becoming a Digital City and how Neustar can help guide you through the process.

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