Population: 1.1 Million

Amsterdam is a city famous for canals, coffee shops and bicycles, but there is much more to this city than just that. A city straddling the old era while boldly moving into the new, Amsterdam understands the need to evolve into the digital age and become a true Smart City. To this end Amsterdam leads the world in providing open city data APIs, city wide alerts to residents while effectively managing energy usage with smart street lights and green rooftops.

Assisting Amsterdam in the move into the digital age is the fact that it secured the .amsterdam TLD for its constituents and it’s been a huge success from the very beginning. Amsterdam elected to have .amsterdam be open to everyone, including those outside of the region and this has proven a boon as companies have been able to use .amsterdam effectively to market to Amsterdam residents, while still allowing residents and local businesses the opportunity to closely align themselves with the city.

“We are reinforcing and strengthening the image of the Amsterdam metropolitan region, as well as the Amsterdam brand.” – Fred Mr. from Port of Amsterdam

Famous For:

  • Canals
  • Architecture
  • Van Gogh Museum
  • Anne Frank House

Random Facts:

  • Over 60% of trips in the inner city of Amsterdam can be made by bicycle
  • Amsterdam is estimated to have more culture per capita than any other city on earth
  • Around 1/3 of Amsterdam’s city centre is an UNESCO World Heritage Site

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