Population: 3.6 Million

Berlin is known for its eclectic mixture of amazing architecture and vibrant party culture. As a once divided city which forced its way back together, it’s wonderful to see the way Berliners have embraced the .berlin TLD as a way to truly engage with their fellow residents digitally. The .berlin City TLD is an example of a Digital City which limited registrations to Berlin residents only to ensure that people know exactly what they are getting, an authentic digital piece of Berlin.

Of course Berlin is a true Digital City for much more than just it’s TLD, forging a new history in the digital era as a startup hub, embracing smart technology in residences and businesses while at the same time working to lower energy consumption and finding new era ways to improve city services such as waste management. With this in mind, .berlin is a natural evolution for Berliners in the new digital economy.

“Metropolises such as Berlin, and everything that is in a metropolis, can have a local identity, and all Berliners have their” – Dirk Krischenowski, Managing Director of dotBERLIN

Famous For:

  • 20th century history and the Berlin Wall
  • Vibrant street art
  • Hansa Studio
  • Music history and nightclub scene

Random Facts:

  • Berlin has more canals than Amsterdam and Venice
  • Berlin’s Beer Mile is the longest beer garden in the world
  • Berlin is the only city in the world with three active opera houses

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