Population: 14.7 Million

The city which has one foot in both Europe and Asia, Istanbul is known for incredible architecture such as the Blue Palace and the Topkapi Palace, traditional Turkish bathhouses and world famous hospitality.

Historically known as both Constantinople and Byzantium, Istanbul is no stranger to change and this continues as we enter the digital era. With a focus on renewable energy, bike sharing and innovative recycling programs, Istanbul is open to trying new ideas.

This is perhaps best seen in their approach with their digital city as Istanbul have secured not one but two Digital Cities for their residents, .istanbul and .ist. Now business owners have two options on how they choose to engage with residents in this vibrant and bustling city.

“Istanbul, one of the most rapidly developing metropoles, is branding itself in the digital world. Istanbul will increase its awareness and its brand value by creating economic value with the new premium level domain name, .istanbul ”ICANN application

Famous For:

  • Bosphorus strait
  • Ottoman Empire buildings
  • Grand Bazaar (aka Kapalicarsi) markets

Random Facts:

  • The only city that extends to two continents (Europe and Asia)
  • Istanbul has the third oldest subway in the world – built in 1875
  • During the times of the Ottoman Empire, there were 1400 public toilets around the city while in the rest of Europe there were none

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