Population: 13.1 Million

Rio de Janeiro is internationally renowned for its golden beaches, samba-fueled nightlife and as a place where football is almost a religion. From Copacabana beach to the awe inspiring Christo Redentor, Rio di Janeiro is understandably the most visited city in the southern hemisphere.

Matching this lofty tourism claim is Rio de Janeiro’s status as a Digital City; internet users can rest assured with the .rio TLD that if they are connecting with a .rio domain name that they are connected with people who understand the region as .rio has been designated as being for the exclusive use of businesses or individuals with an address within Rio de Janeiro. Backing this up is the city government, who take pride in using the .rio TLD when providing information to residents and businesses (for example with, they are taking a lead by example approach

Smart Cities don’t come much smarter than Rio. With the task of hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014 and the Olympic Games in 2016, Rio de Janerio had to get smart to handle the influx of people, and get smart they did. Combining previously independent utilities, traffic systems and emergency services into a coherent service managed from a single ‘Ops Center’, Rio de Janeiro has taken a huge step on the path to being the ultimate digital city.

“The city’s irresistible charm and the spirit of joy that made Rio famous all around the globe and you will find a perfect combination for a successful new generic top level domain. Dot rio domain will be a Rio city’s patrimony and its digital identity on the internet.” – Empresa Municipal de Informatica – IplanRio

Famous For:

  • Beaches (Copacabana, Ipanema, etc.)
  • Christ the Redeemer statue
  • A deep love of football (soccer)

Random Facts:

  • Rio has the bluest sky in the world (according to researcher Anya Hohnbaun; measured with spectrometer)
  • Many sidewalks in Rio are decorated with stone mosaic and a QR code! The QR codes provide info for locals and visitors.
  • Street art is legal in Rio

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