Population: 5.37 Million

Sydney, a city known just as much for its laid back atmosphere as it is for iconic beaches and the world famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. Yet this laid back atmosphere is nowhere to be seen when it comes to moving the city into the digital age, as Sydney is undergoing a digital revolution in terms of smart city activity. From initiatives designed to allow greater resident interactivity with government activities, public transport payment and information advancements, energy consumption leadership and much much more Sydney is forging ahead.

This commitment can perhaps be best seen in the .sydney TLD, which is allowing businesses and residents of the harbour-side city to connect with their city in a way previously not possible. Sydneysiders can now align their businesses with their beloved city, and the availability of .sydney domain names opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

“The government invested in .sydney to provide the New South Wales business community with a long-term digital asset that will create a platform for innovation and ensure the continued development of the digital economy across the state.” – Dominic Perrottet, NSW Finance and Services Minister

Famous for:

  • Sydney Harbour Bridge
  • Opera House
  • Bondi Beach

Random Facts:

  • The Granny Smith apple was born in Sydney
  • Sydney’s Fish Market is the world’s third largest fish market in volume sold and second largest in variety
  • If all the pieces of the Sydney Opera House were put together, they would make a perfect sphere

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