Population: 2.69 Million

Taipei is a vibrant and beautiful city which blends Chinese culture with a fusion of Japanese, Southeast Asian and American influences. It’s also home to an emerging technology scene and the site of some cutting edge Smart City thinking.

Taipei’s .taipei TLD has been adopted by government, residents and businesses alike with prominent examples being, and As a true multi-lingual melting pot city, .taipei matches it’s cities requirements by allowing registration in both standard English or Chinese characters.

Key examples of Taipei’s commitment to being a world leader in being a truly Smart City can be further explored at One of the brightest examples are Taipei becoming an early adopter of blockchain technology with ‘TangleID’ cards. Taipei is aiming to minimize identity theft, voter fraud, simplifying residents daily activities by securely tracking health data and government related services.

“.taipei will open for registration to all individuals and groups anywhere in the world. The hope that the development of Taipei as a smart city could be boosted and marketed through cloud and digital technology, including the “.taipei” domain suffix.” – Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin

Famous For:

  • Taipei 101 Tower
  • Longshan Temple
  • The Grand Hotel

Random Facts:

  • Taipei is a bicycle friendly city with a massive bicycle-sharing program; YouBike
  • All garbage trucks play loud music (like an ice cream truck) to let the neighborhood know they’re there. People don’t leave bins out overnight/in the morning for collection, they only bring the garbage out when they hear the trucks
  • The city has free WiFi access for all locals and visitors

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