Population: 38.3 Million

One of the most populous cities in the world, Tokyo is in many ways synonymous with technology with its vibrant fluorescent lights, futuristic bullet trains, fashion trends and electronic stores which are more like theme parks.

Given this focus on technology in most every facet of the city, it’s natural to see the enthusiasm with which Tokyo residents and businesses have flocked to embrace the .tokyo TLDwhich is the second most used Digital City globally.

The .tokyo TLD is but one facet of a larger Smart Cities initiative undertaken by the city in the lead up to hosting the Olympic Games in 2020. From heavy use of planning tools such as 3D modelling, traffic flow, energy estimation modelling and energy usage maximization tools through to developing urban areas which prioritize flow of multiple types of traffic (pedestrians, bicycles, cars and public transport), Tokyo is using technology to ensure they propel themselves into 2020 and beyond.

“For the first time, citizens, businesses and community groups in Tokyo will be able to choose a domain that directly links their online identity to the city.” – Tokyo Governor, Yoichi Masuzoe 

Famous For:

  • Architecture including Tokyo Tower (modelled after the Eiffel Tower)
  • Cherry blossom festivals
  • Incredible food and nightlife

Random Facts:

  • The world’s most populated metropolis and largest fish market – Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Shinjuku Railway Station is the busiest station in the world – approx. 3.5 million passengers per day
  • Vending machines are incredibly popular in Tokyo, and sell everything from hamburgers, to clothes, to toilet paper

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