First Wave: How 70 cities secured a Digital City

In 2012, a program operated by the global internet regulator gave cities the opportunity to apply for their own Top-Level Domains (TLDs) for the first time ever. More than 70 forward-thinking cities like New York City, London, and Sydney took advantage of this online revolution and secured their very own home online, such as .nyc, .london, and .sydney.

 Governments have been able to leverage this opportunity in a variety of ways: allowing businesses and individuals to adopt localized domain names for their websites and marketing materials, creating memorable web addresses for government purposes, and many more.

 But the benefits of becoming a digital city are more than that.

 When a city has its own TLD, it extends its offline brand to the online world and allows the local community to showcase their pride in the city.

It encourages innovation and attracts investment. Most of all, it shows the world that the city is a leader and wants to tell the world that they understand that the future is all about digital innovation.  

 With the next program for these applications expected to open soon, now is the time for cities who missed out previously to get on board.

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