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When it comes to acquiring and operating your digital city domain, Neustar is the world’s leader.

We have more experience than anyone else on the planet, and our services are relied upon by governments around the world, including the City of New York and the U.S. Department of Commerce.

Our expert team will guide you step-by-step through the process and help secure your own digital city domain.


“Neustar has been our trusted advisor since we kicked off the initial bidding process for the .nyc city TLD. As our official registry partner, Neustar has helped us manage and market the .nyc domain, expanding our digital community to become one of the largest and fastest growing city domains in the world.”

– Jeff Merritt Director of Innovation, Mayor’s Office of Technology & Innovation

Our Team

Tony Kirsch

Tony Kirsch

Tony Kirsch is one of the world’s foremost authorities on new Top-Level Domains and has more than a decade’s experience in launching and operating domain namespaces.

As Head of Professional Services for Neustar, Tony provides strategic insights to many of the world’s leading brands and governments. He’s driven some of the most prominent city domain name launches to date, including .sydney, .melbourne, and .dubai.

A frequent industry commentator and a provocative and highly entertaining speaker, Tony’s mission is to help design “the perfect internet of the future.”

Chelsea Hurley

Chelsea Hurley

Chelsea has been launching and growing domain extensions for nearly a decade, the first of which was .CO. Working in Business Development and Marketing at Neustar allows her to connect with people who take ideas from thoughts jotted on napkins to a reality.

Chelsea is able to shape the strategy, partnerships, communications, and execution of global campaigns supporting the .US, .biz, .CO and .nyc Top-Level Domains. She is focused on educating Internet users of the power of their domain and advancing growth and use within the namespaces.

Lori Anne Wardi

Lori Anne Wardi

Lori Anne Wardi is Vice President of Registry Services at Neustar, Inc., where she oversees business development and strategy for Neustar’s Top-Level Domains, including the emerging dot brand domains, like .nike and .virgin, along with city domains such as .nyc and .sydney.

Working alongside the Mayor’s Office of Tech + Innovation of the City of New York, Lori Anne is currently overseeing the launch and management of the .nyc domain, the official web address for New Yorkers.

Sebastien Ducos

Sebastien Ducos

Sebastien Ducos is a Project Manager, who built a career in Internet-based solutions, since the mid-90’s. Frenchman, based in Melbourne, Australia, working for a US multi-national, Sebastien has gathered a wealth of international experience in Europe, North America, the Middle East and Australia.

Sebastien has been involved with Geographic Top Level Domains since Jan 2012, when he was instrumental in the development of the .sydney and .melbourne ICANN applications. He saw both cities through that process and brought them online in 2014. Sebastien, has been active in the geographic TLD community in its first gathering in 2012, and is since 2016, Chair of the representing the interest of 70+ Geographic Top Level Domains worldwide (cities and regions).

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